Martin Paul is a performer and artist. He has a bachelor's degree in acting from Helsinki Theatre Academy. In his work he explores the bodily limbo between the beautiful and grotesque and works to challenge societal gender norms. Martin likes working with immersive landscapes, lots of costume and an abundance of light and colour.


Josefine is an artist who has a bachelor in acting from Helsinki Theatre Academy. Josefines art is often built around breaking apart social norms, challenging perceptions about gender, sexuality and body and creating new ways of analysing and experiencing ones context. Josefine loves material that is extreme, excessive and calleidoscopically expansive.


Emelie is a stageperformer with a bachelor's degree in acting from Helsinki Theatre Academy.

In Emelies work you easily notice her cheeky humor, her interest in turning social structures on their heads and her endless fondness of everything touchy, melo-dramatic, tacky and twisted.


Glitcher is a performative live art collective, consisting of Emelie Zilliacus, Josefine Fri and Martin Paul. Glitcher was founded in 2019 by Fri and Zilliacus.

Glitcher is a feminist, pop culture inspired art machine that creates non-hierarchical, democratic working models and strives for autonomous artistry and bringing forth independent materials and directives.

What is Glitcher? 

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