Glitcher is a performance collective formed in 2019 by Josefine Fri and Emelie Zilliacus. The collective is led by it's artistic directors Emelie Zilliacus and Martin Paul.

Glitcher wants to challenge conventions and in a norm critical and feminist way shead light on problems and taboos in our society. We want to dig deeper into the things that are uncomfortable to view and portray in our social norms and cultural structures. Through situating ourselves as performers in these questions we hope to make the problematics visible. We want to find out more about what this means for a performer. What does it make of our bodies? Our audience? Could the exploitation and dilution of western pop-culture and art make the underlying problematics and structures more palpable, concrete, present and less distant?


Emelie Zilliacus - producer

Martin Paul - managing director