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Glitcher is a performance collective which has been active since 2019. Today it consists of artists Emelie Zilliacus, Joel Forsbacka, Josefine Fri, Oscar Fagerudd and Martin Paul. Glitcher is inspired by exploiting genres, diving deep into pop cultural narratives and examining contemporary societal constructs through comedy and the grotesque. Though Glitcher often portrays the darkest corners of human behavior they always strive to have working processes filled with joy and to stay playful with the material. By diluting and exploiting western pop culture they hope to unveil the latent problematics that lie hidden underneath, making them more concrete and less distant. Glitcher is a genre machine, a violent dance on the last ruin of humanity, an hommage to longing for the forbidden and a great fucking party! Join them in celebrating the macabre, the gory, the bizarre and the beautiful.


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