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The performance-collective Glitcher has created a monster. Terrified by their own creation they were lost for words and started calling it The Thing. A freak of art. The Thing is a hive mind, weird-ass punk creature. It leaps out of the shadows, disrupting the art scene, tearing apart every art event it runs into. It has been sleeping for a long time but now it’s back, and this time it won’t go down easy. The Thing has built its nest on Kuninkaansaari, and there it festers, waiting for the next art-festival to prey on. But do not fright, it won't hurt you! As long as you are not art yourself..

The Thing was originally performed at The Theatre Academy in Helsinki in 2019 and later at Teater Viirus and The Helsinki Biennials SAARI2020.

Concept: Emelie Zilliacus & Martin Paul

Performers: Emelie Zilliacus, Martin Paul & Oscar Fagerudd

Sounddesign: Oscar Fagerudd

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