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Fästpunkt 1

On stage: Emelie Zilliacus, Martin Paul and Joel Forsbacka
Sounddesign: Oscar Fagerudd

"Brace yourself 

for one hour of uncensored, bloodcurdling violence! Glitcher is back with another hair-raising whole-evening performance. Come and experience the unspeakable horrors from the minds of Glitcher. Torture, cannibalism, bloody murder and orgasmafantastic atraucities. For a limited time only, three performers will be thrust into a pulsating cage of horror and push the limits of fiction into the insane beyond. Witness the wonders, the horrors and the gut wrenching terror of the double-feature bottom-half that is BLOODBATH! Come at your own risk…"

Language: none
The show is approximately 60 minutes long




-Extreme violence


-Selfharm/ self inflicted injuries 

-Vaginal penetration

-Pornographic content

-Strong sounds

-Flashing lights

-Theatre smoke

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