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Fästpunkt 1
Fästpunkt 2

Antoinette wants to die. Antoinette wants to live. Antoinette is bored and wants to dance forever. Welcome to a party you'll never forget!

In Antoinette Glitcher creates an immersive landscape made out of sound, costume and dance where the night never ends and where there is no tomorrow. Through queen Marie Antoinette Glitcher deals with concepts such as power, immortality, hyper-capitalism and abundance. Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden where the party never ends and where you can dance until nothing else matters.

Antoinette had a workshopped premier at the Embassy of Sweden in Helsinki in December 2020. The show is set to have a new premier at Hertonäs Gård in Helsinki in August 2023.

Concept: Emelie Zilliacus, Josefine Fri & Martin Paul

On stage: Emelie Zilliacus, Martin Paul, Joel Forsbacka & Eliel Tammiharju

Sounddesign: Eliel Tammiharju

Lightdesign: Julia Jäntti

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